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Park and Ride – Cheap Yet Valuable Airport Parking Option!

Everyone wants to drive back home immediately after returning from a long-hauled flight. If you have hired a meet and greet amenity for your car parking, then definitely you have to wait for the chauffeur to return your car at the airport terminal. If he is late due to some traffic or a road accident, then you might have to wait more than 30 hours (the usual time is given by meet and greet parking lots).



Doesn’t it sound better that you reach the compound directly from the terminal yourself to receive your car instead of waiting for the chauffeur? Yes, I am referring to the park and ride service. With the park and ride cheap airport parking service, you don’t have to face the trouble waiting for a driver to pick up and drop off your vehicle.


On the day of your flight, you are instructed to:

  • Drive to the parking compound, unload your luggage and park your car
  • Board the shuttle bus service operating 24×7
  • Reach the terminal within a few minutes
  • Upon your return:
  • You will be taken to the parking compound via shuttle
  • Meet in your car and drive back


Compare Manchester airport parking amenities offering park and ride services, and booking the best option.